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6 Great Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

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#1 Fix structural problems.

Examples include fixing a leaky roof, structural cracks to walls, and responding to insect infestation. Fixing these problems may be pricy but they are absolutely essential.

#2 Pay attention to landscaping!

A beautifully landscaped yard can be a major selling point. Lawns that are dry, overgrown, or messy can turn off buyers and bring down the value of your home. This applies to both your front lawn and your backyard so make sure your home has great curb appeal but also that the back provides a private and green haven for homeowners. If you don’t plan on selling soon, then planting a few shade trees is a great idea. When they mature in a few years, they will be a huge selling point, but they’ll also cut your cooling costs down in the summer. You could save as much as 40% on your energy costs. Invest some time and effort into planting trees, flowers, and other flora and watch as your home value grows!

#3 Upgrade exterior doors.

Again, don’t forget the importance of curb appeal! People love a front door that’s clean and unique. Make sure it has character! The same idea applies to any visible garage doors; they should look new and pristine, whether that means replacing them with something up-to-date or just giving the door a deep cleaning.

#4 Opt for minor kitchen renovations rather than redoing the whole thing.

You’re likely to get more bang for your buck if you focus your money and time on renovating select pieces in your kitchen, rather than the whole thing. For example, refinishing your cabinets, changing the sink faucet to something more contemporary, or buying a dishwasher that matches your other appliances, are all good investments to make.

#5 Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Not only this, but choose neutral paint colours. While you may love the bright orange walls in your daughter’s bedroom, many buyers shy away from homes they cannot immediately imagine themselves in. Most people, and thus most buyers, prefer more subdued paint colours like dull greys or light browns. Painting is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to upgrade your home.

#6 Small bathroom updates can have a big return.

Consider changing old or outdated wallpaper and upgrading your lighting. A new and modern looking showerhead is also a great way to spruce up the feel of the bathroom. If you have the money to take on a bigger project, changing outdated tile floors and the sink vanity are also fabulous ideas.

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