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5 Apps that’ll Exponentially Change Your Home Buying Experience

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The cellphone has changed the world, and no one can tell you more about that than a real estate agent who’s been in the business long enough to remember life before Zillow and online contracts. Today, realtors and clients often work as a team to find the properties that are best suited for their needs, surfing the web for the latest listings, and staying up to date together. With so much of our lives depending on our mobile devices, it only makes sense that the property searches have now moved into the app sphere as well. With just the touch of a screen, potential homebuyers can see thousands of homes on the market, and sort through them in a variety of ways. Below are 5 real estate apps that the Loft & Manor team suggests checking out!

  1. Zillow Real Estate

The Zillow app is considered by many to be the most conclusive real estate app available in today’s market. For those who are unfamiliar with Zillow, it boasts more than 100 million homes in its database and allows you to search through this catalogue by address, map, home style preferences, price, and more. You are also able to save your favourite homes, and receive notifications that update you when there’s been a price change or when new listings hit the market. This app’s interface is easy to use, and offers many unique features, making it one of, if not the most, downloaded real estate apps out there. Everything you need, all in one place.

  1. Real Estate

The app is widely considered to offer the most up to date and accurate information about properties currently on the market. Like Zillow, it provides users with a tremendous database of homes currently on the market and allows users to search for homes based on various filters; sale price, number of bedrooms, neighbourhood, school district, design of the home, lot size, views, etc. The app can be synced up to your desktop and your Apple Watch, allowing users to switch seamlessly between various devices. This app also uses a simple interface, making it user friendly and easy to navigate. Like Zillow, many consider it to be a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs.

  1. Walkscore

Walkscore is a particularly popular app with millennials and young families and anyone who is more environmentally conscious. It allows users to input a home address into the software and then gives it a “walkability score”—meaning that it calculates a score based on how much of a walk it is from the address to nearby restaurants, grocery stores, schools, bars, and more. It also lets you search for listings based on commute times and by distance from public transit, even providing a “transit score” and a “bike score” for each address. If you’re looking to live in a more urban and lively environment, or don’t have access to a car, this app is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Doorsteps Swipe

Curious about Tinder but too embarrassed to join? Get Doorsteps Swipe instead. Powered by, this app is similar to popular dating apps in that users create personal profiles that indicate their preferred home style, where they are in life, and what exactly they’re looking for in a home. You can input your financial information, indicate exactly the neighbourhoods you’re looking for on a map, choose commute time, and much more. Afterwards, you can flip through pictures of suggested homes, swiping to indicate whether you like the home or not. Later, you can look over and research the homes you “swiped right” to. This app is great for those who are really looking to customize their search criteria and make the home searching process a little more fun.

  1. Trulia

Zillow owned, Trulia takes the information on Zillow and further categorizes and groups homes for better custom searching. For example, it groups homes based on loft style, hardwood floors, updated kitchens, safer neighbourhoods, etc. If there are specific things you are looking for in your home search like cathedral ceilings or multi-family properties, this may be the app for you.

Those are our top 5 suggestions. We hope this list comes in handy during your home buying adventure! Contact the Loft & Manor team to get the best help of all – one of our professional associates.

Your home, your future, our commitment.

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