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Sunshine or snowfall, Loft & Manor loves local eateries

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It’s cold out there in the Syracuse area, and little feels better than a full stomach from a warm meal, watching the snowfall cover the freezing world outside. Loft & Manor is a young group of local guys, so it’s no surprise they know some great spots to grab a bite when even when the weather tries to stop them.

A couple of cafes and a mystery sandwich

Having a nice sit down at a cafe comes regular to the guys. Whether it be a business meeting, casual get together, or just because coffee is delicious, you can find probably find them on a couch around town.

When I’m looking for a nice little sit down meal on a cold day, I like to go up to SU and grab a bite from Strong Hearts Cafe, They have a great variety of food for whatever you may be craving.


One of my favorite places no matter the location is Cafe Kubal. The atmosphere is always filled with working professionals eager to learn. The coffee is great along with the tea variety menu. A must try are the sandwiches they make fresh to order, we asked them to surprise us every time with a new sandwich and we haven’t been wronged yet.


It’s time for a BIG meal

Coffee and tea are nice, but what happens when you want a big plate full of food? According to the guys, who were very excited to say so, there are some quality places around the city to sit down and fill up.

Euro Bazar: Very tasty food, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. The portions are huge and the flavors are spectacular.

I love the Gardenview Diner, because of its retro feel and wonderful customer service. It’s a classic American diner with a very local, homey and relaxing vibe. It’s a great place to watch snow fall from the window booths.


My father in-law took my wife and me to Jake Hafner’s Restaurant for dinner last week in North Syracuse. The menu was huge and they had a nice variety of burgers to choose from. The food was delicious and the service was incredible! Would highly recommend the place!


Grab a coffee, grab a tea, maybe a sandwich, or a generous portion at a local restaurant. Part of what makes Syracuse so unique is the passion us local’s all share for supporting our local businesses. Next time you’re out at a local eatery, drop us a line and let us know what yummy spots are out there. Maybe you’ll even see one of the Loft & Manor guys chowing down. Make sure to snag a picture!


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